Chiropractic Surprise: Less Really Is More

Getting more for your money is always good. But “less is more” is another special philosophy, held by many designers who seek perfection, selecting just the right elements to create award-winning furniture and buildings.  It turns out the “less is more” philosophy also works quite well for chiropractors as they seek to maintain your spinal […]

Smart Ways to Keep Your Knees Happy

It seems like every other person we meet has a knee issue or painful story. Researchers on tell us 34 percent of Americans over the age of 50 have chronic knee or leg pain. Seven million Americans have knee replacements annually. But before you give up, knee surgeons tell us there are options out […]

How to Use Winter to Your Advantage

When it gets cold I like to stay in more and hang out by the fire. Carried to the extreme, I postpone shopping, and spend more and more time inside, skipping gym workouts and finding excuses to avoid winter excursions. But health experts say we should really do the opposite. Getting outside in the winter […]