Why the Chiropractic Brand of Wellness Is So Unique

We have all accepted “wellness” as a buzzword, and a serious goal in our lives, but the American Chiropractic Association tells us there is more to the wellness story. They say a visit to a chiropractor or a doctor’s office creates two distinctly different approaches to wellness. At the doctor’s office, wellness is assessed with […]

Is Your Back Sending You Pain Signals Now?

Do you have ongoing back pain that is just beginning to bite into your daily routine? Or, is your back pain ramping up, raising more serious questions about chronic pain? Best advice: Pay attention to your back pain and see your chiropractor for assistance now. As licensed chiropractors with a thorough knowledge of the structure […]

How to Use Posture to Perfect Your Core Workout

Most of us value our core workouts, and we would be happy to make them even better.  Recently healthharvard.edu suggested quick posture checks as a way to maximize core workouts and make them safer. As a strong advocate of good posture, your chiropractor can help you in this area too. Posture is a strong thread […]