Three Daly Habits that Your Neck Hates

We all have a daily groove. That first cup of coffee, or quick check of screens, gets us going.  But, without thinking, we may have a few habits that gradually add up to become serious neck pain. If you are having neck pain, or just want to avoid it in the future, suggests you […]

How Chiropractic and Aerobics Can Keep Your Back Happy

When back pain undermines your mornings and sabotages your afternoons and evenings, the pressure to do something builds.  Pain relievers are temporary at best, and other solutions may seem confusing. But a visit to your local chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic, and an exercise plan with aerobics could make everything a lot better. Stop by The […]

What to Do When Neck Pain Strikes

Most of us never even think about our neck until it begins to hurt. The neck is amazingly flexible, but also quite susceptible to pain. As we get up early and keep right on moving through one full day after another, the neck keeps pace, bending, turning, and stretching nonstop. When trouble starts it may […]

How to Make Chiropractic a Family Affair

In a busy world that spins us back and forth across the country or around the globe, it can be it hard to maintain a balance and do everything that we want to for our families. But most of us step up when it comes to health and wellness, always looking for the best options. […]