A Chiropractors Advice to Riders : Take Care of Your Knees


pictue of bikesMost people sail through their school years and on into their careers with very little concern for physical pain, other than exercise soreness or accidental injury. But somewhere along the line, individual areas like the neck, back and knees may show up with issues.

If you find yourself feeling strong, but also feeling occasional twinges in the knees or back, see a chiropractor now. That’s preventive medicine and could be the best choice you could make.

I have watched this life change happen with numerous people who were very active in their thirties and forties, but running into difficulties at 50.

One forever young couple that I knew rode motorcycles for most of their lives. At fifty they were still enjoying cross country group road tours. But then the wife started having knee issues and was diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis. At first she considered surgery, but after seeing her doctor and a chiropractor she went with rehabilitative therapy. And she made it. Well into their sixties she and her husband were still riding. But they did wrap it up then, figuring they had been very lucky and it was better to slow down than fall down.

The American Chiropractic Association says combining manipulative therapy and rehabilitation may be superior for knee osteoarthritis than rehabilitation or exercise alone. Side effects, when they occur, appear to be minimal stiffness and pain that resolves. Severe adverse reactions have not been reported.

In contrast to that, I have also seen several people go through lengthy, painful knee replacement surgeries, emerging with only limited successes, and having to have them repeated again down the road.

Seeing the Chiropractor

The initial chiropractor’s visit includes a spinal adjustment, medical history and discussion of daily schedules. The goal of the chiropractor is to help to achieve a healthy spine and nervous system and seek pain relief and mobility without drugs or surgery. Together, the patient and the chiropractor can work out a program that seeks to regain normal use of the knees.

This may involve daily relaxation and stretching exercises, a diet that emphasizes weight loss to relieve the joints, and regular rehabilitative therapy. Shaping a schedule that works may involve regular swimming, use of small weights and short walks. These treatments can be both safe and cost effective, very welcome results for the patients.

The case of the lady on the motorcycle was a complete contrast to many other arthritis patients that I have seen, where a gradual slowdown and sometimes almost complete loss of mobility, radically changed their lives.
If you or someone in your family is experiencing knee pain see your doctor and consider adding a chiropractor to help reshape your life with the goal of mobility, flexibility and retention of daily activities.

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