Are You Eating Your Way To More Belly Fat?

Just like with people, fat comes in all shapes and sizes. If you think that fat is all the same, then you’re about to get a great lesson and some insight into why you couldn’t be any more incorrect. Different fat affects the body in different ways. Just as any type of healthy food affects us in a variety of positive ways, fat has different negative effects on the body, all depending on the amount consumed and which food it is consumed through.


The type of fat we eat affects not just the heart and its risk for disease, as much of us are aware, but it also affects where on the body extra weight is stored. This can have drastic adverse effects on the overall health of anyone eating certain types of fats.

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Saturated fat tends to store itself in the waistline and liver, you can thank the consumption of hydrogenated oils, butter and even processed meats for this. These fats stored around key organs, leaves those who have it at a much higher risk for diabetes or heart health issues. Those who consume large amounts of polyunsaturated fats, typically consumed through vegetable oils, tend to accumulate a lot less fat in the waistline, as they are much healthier and the fat within them is burned much more easily than those found in the saturated fats.

The spare tire, or the extra fat around the belly and midsection carries with it, not only an enormously negative stigma in society, but also an abundance of health risks. High blood pressure, a low amount of good cholesterol, as well as high blood sugar, are all associated with carrying that extra weight in the front.

Because the liver needs to be able to properly respond to insulin in the body, the ability to regulate blood sugar levels is compromised when large amounts of fat are surrounding the liver, hindering its ability to properly do its job. When the liver is under duress, the stress hormones kick in and release fatty acids into the liver, causing major issues in its functioning.

Anyone concerned about the fats they are consuming should remember to eat more polyunsaturated fats from vegetable oil and fatty fish, and fewer saturated fats from red meat and butter. Belly fat can cause serious health issues, some of which can lead to extremely fatal illnesses. Reducing fat intake and properly following a regimen of good diet and exercise will see the fat melt away from the belly and leave the organs under much less stress.


Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.

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