Are You Risking the Pain of Smaller Technology?

picture of cell phone usersAs technology advances, most of us are doing more on smaller devices, and our bodies are paying the price, according to the American Chiropractic Association.

Just how much time do you spend every day hunched over your smartphone?

Yes, you get a lot done, and it can happen whenever or wherever you are, out for a walk, over lunch, or perched on your favorite park bench. 

You may check your email, text several people, share pictures, or check stock prices with ease.  It all happens in the palm of your hand.  No wonder we are all addicted.

There Is a Price

Often our bodies object. In fact, chiropractors are telling us “text neck” is a major symptom that they see frequently.

All of the bad posture implications of bending the head over a small device for long periods of time can annoy, irritate and eventually trigger ongoing pain in your neck, shoulders and back. The head weighs about 10 pounds and this hunched posture puts all of that weight on your neck.

Before you hit new pain levels, stop by your local chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic, and get some good advice on how to enjoy today’s technology without impacting your body’s health.

There Are Answers

At The Joint you will find a wellness package that keeps pace with you and points you in the right direction for the future.

In your initial visit, your chiropractor will use a spinal adjustment to evaluate the health of your spine and joints.

Then he or she will want to hear how much you use your phone as you conduct business, stay in touch with your friends and family, and occasionally just play.  There will also be a review of your medical history and questions about any current pain you are having.

After your visit and the initial spinal correction for any misalignments, known as subluxations, you may experience new relief. 

But the chiropractor will also want to make it clear that improving your posture, and adjusting the way you use your smartphone may not only be essential, but critical to avoiding long-term neck, shoulder or back pain.

Learning how to sit up straight and keep the screen at eye level is a good start. Cutting back on the extensive amount of usage time with health breaks for exercise, one-on-one coffees or lunch, is another good step.

Some legends like Warren Buffet are also saying that they maintain the option of the old-fashioned flip phone to just make calls and text. That gives you the option of stepping away from your smartphone, while still staying in touch with your world.

Whatever you do to improve posture, modify phone use, or just look at your life and your health more closely, can be amplified at The Joint Chiropractic. Stop by and find out more.

The Joint has flexible weekday, weekend and evening hours, a walk-in visit policy with no fixed appointment needed, and an affordable care plan that replaces the hassle of insurance.

See you there.

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