Befriending These Hormones Can Make You Far Healthier In No Time

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When your hormones behave the world is good, however, when they are not behaving, chaos lurks around every corner. See why making friends with your hormones is the best thing you can do for your own health.

Meet leptin. That’s the hormone that signals to the body that you’re full. I am sure you will agree that we are all thankful for this hormone, as without it we’d have a flurry of no brake moments when eating becomes a nonstop sport. One simple way to help your hormones work in your favor is to start working out every day and to make sure there are lots of veggies being consumed for both lunch and dinner. That “full up” sign will keep showing up. There is nothing worse than being on a diet and constantly being hungry.

A special note for mothers

Researchers say breast fed infants have better appetite control due to hormones like leptin in breast milk. Studies say leptin may help develop neural paths that help control a child’s appetite later.

Meet serotonin

This mood controlling hormone shows up when carbs are on the menu. Picture this. You are eating at your favorite Italian spot with your friends, waiting for your dinner. You become irritable and moody out of nowhere.  This is due to the low blood sugar in your body, linking up with serotonin. Had you been having antipasto the whole scene might have been skipped.

Meet cortisol

This is the hormone that tangles with stress and causes you to lose in the weight department. To keep cortisol moving and pounds dropping, start with deep breathing and make a serious effort to lower the stress in your life.

Tai chi, yoga, brisk walks and hot tea with a friend can help. Or there may be other better answers that will work for you. Some special time in your workshop or regular time in a home studio can help. In the midst of a very stressful work situation, I began starting my day with a short early morning meditation on my patio. The birds and the breeze were great. Then when I arrived at the office the day started better and the stress remained more level.

Meet gherlin

In fact you two have probably already met. Gherlin is the devilish hormone that hangs out in your stomach and calls your brain with the order to bring food pronto. Instead of responding with quick fix pastries, try lean protein and good carbs. Build a whole wheat sub with avocado, jalapenos, vinegar and oil, tuna salad and lettuce.

If these scenes all seem very familiar, take charge of your world and your diet making the changes to level the playing field. When you check your scale you will be glad you did.

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