Burn 1,000 Calories The Easy Way

There really is no magic formula or hidden secret to losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the biggest and key principles, which is also the easiest to understand, is that burning more calories than you take on is the best way to shed those pounds.


Most diets and exercise programs tell those who participate in them that burning 1,000 calories in an hour of physical fitness is ideal, and this is done via fast-paced exercises and lifts that require the body to operate at maximum capacity. High intensity interval training, or HIIT, has become widely popular in recent years because of its ability to help those looking to do so shed weight fast and in a healthy manner.

It’s recommended that only those in condition to do so should attempt to burn 1,000 calories each time they step into the gym. Consulting a medical professional before entering into these high intensity workouts is essential to your health. However, if you are fit enough to participate, take a look at some of these workouts to get you going.

Sprint Intervals

Everyone knows the benefits of running: it helps to lose weight in an effective manner, however, if running on the treadmill for an hour just isn’t your thing, then try sprint intervals. An interval workout consisting of multiple 30 second bouts of full-out sprints in between short segments of jogging, can burn 1,000 calories in less than 30 minutes. In fact, in roughly 3 minutes, you can burn about 200 calories. Try sprinting full speed for 30 seconds, and jogging for a minute and a half, do this for about 20 minutes and you’ll really feel the burn.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a workout composed of multiple exercises and lifts that are gone through, one after the other for an extended period of time. The concept of circuit training as a whole is simple: minimize rest time in between sets to increase heart rate and burn calories faster and at a consistant basis. Typically, an effective circuit training session will include exercises and lifts that target different muscle groups.

Cardiovascular Activity

If lifting and interval training isn’t quite your thing, then cardiovascular activities are great for burning major calories in a short amount of time. Things like boxing, jumping rope and rowing are great workouts.

Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for ay medical related advice.



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