Chiropractic Care for Arthritis Pain & Mobility


Pictureof older coupleIf someone in your family has arthritis, or you have a few twinges, you know that pain and mobility are big issues.

Skipping outings becomes much more likely when your knee simply will not stop screaming in pain or your ankle nags you to sit down and stay seated. I have seen people head into retirement early, or give up their favorite gardening, fishing, biking or hiking trips, as arthritis moves into the driver’s seat.

But I have also seen people fight back with exercise, healthy diet and the assistance of their chiropractor. Several people in my family have faced arthritis and found ways to win. One was a heart patient who went to a rehab facility regularly, but also had repeated arthritic knee and back pain. With his chiropractor’s help he is still out there walking his dog, helping his neighbors, and gardening. He always has a smile. Another arthritis patient watched her birthdays add up and wondered if she could continue all of her outdoor activities in the garden and her shopping adventures in antique shops. With the help of her chiropractor she is still doing both. There is always something blooming at her house.

How Your Chiropractor May Help

Starting with the pain, which often shows up in the knee, hip or ankle, your chiropractor may use spinal adjustments to evaluate the health of your spine. A medical history and discussion about the arthritis will follow.

For seniors the treatment and advice may be invaluable, as mobility becomes a question mark. It has been established by researchers as you age, how fast you can and do walk can directly impact how long you live. Slowing down with arthritis can be a sad story if pain and stiffness dictate every day. The results can create a slowing down process, moving less, staying in more and feeling as if none of it really matters. Depression, weight gain and hearing or vision loss can all be part of the picture.But your chiropractor’s ongoing treatment, coupled with assessments, advice on healthy diets, stress relief suggestions and easy strength and stretching exercises may help change the situation.

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