Chiropractic Help for Osteoarthritis


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Osteoarthritis tends to invade our bodies with pain and loss of motion, as it takes over lives. All of our favorite hobby, sports, work efforts and family tasks have to get in line when spinal arthritis sets in.

The targets for spinal arthritis are widespread.

Osteoarthritis often hits athletes and people with hands on jobs that involve heavy weight lifting, and a repeat of the same work movements over and over. It can also hit people who have had accidents or other injuries.

Spinal arthritis tends to run in families too, and turn up when there are other issues like extra pounds that put more of a load on the spine, or cases where there is diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or gout.

Spinal arthritis turns up in many different lives.

I have known several people of different ages, careers, and personality types who faced spinal arthritis. One fellow was quite old, but very quick to understand what was needed, and very practical. He got help and used every means at hand to weather spinal arthritis as he continued to sail with a full crew, enjoy his family and friends and supervise his business. Two others were both in their 60’s; one had been a road crew worker, operating heavy machinery for most of his life, and he was approaching retirement. He was also overweight. The other was trim and muscular with an office job, but arthritis tended to run in his family and he had survived a major car crash when he was in his 20’s. The impact of that crash played through his life from then on out.

When facing osteoarthritis, your chiropractor may be able to help.

The chiropractor will start with a hands on assessment of the health of your spine and may use spinal adjustments to help relieve pain. The initial visit will also include time reviewing your work history, day to day habits, and medical history. Together the two of you can create a treatment plan with ongoing visits, and at home methods. If you take an active role in your treatment you are more likely to avoid additional joint damage and get back to a normal routine sooner.

A good diagnosis, the sooner the better, is crucial.

Your chiropractor will seek to help steer you through pain, inflammation, and use of your joints. The best exercises and a healthy diet to control weight may be part of the plan. Your chiropractor may suggest relaxation techniques that will lower muscle tension to help reduce the pain.

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