Chiropractic Leads the Way When Neck Pain Surfaces


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Most of us put ourselves in harm’s way for neck pain fairly often. As we tend to ignore posture, and hunch over laptops, tablets and cell screens for long periods of time in the day and the evening, the neck often takes a beating.

In the office, out on the street, and home later flopped out on the couch or the floor, the bad habits keep right on going. Every time you play a game, check messages, text, tweet or browse a site, you could be loading up your neck and spine with as much as 60 pounds of extra weight.

The head weighs about 10 pounds and every inch of forward movement ups the pressure 100 percent. When you get to six inches you could just as easily be scooping up a big dog.

As expected, the spine protests, “You have got to be kidding!” Then it often starts acting up to make sure you got the message.

Chiropractics help may have the best answers

Having in Annals of Internal Medicine reported a randomized, controlled trial that compared the effectiveness of manual therapy, physical therapy and continued care by a general practitioner in patients with nonspecific neck pain. The success rate at seven weeks was twice as high for the manual therapy chiropractic group (68.3 percent) as for the continued care general practitioner group. Manual therapy scored better than physical therapy on all outcome measures. Patients receiving manual therapy had fewer absences from work than patients receiving physical therapy or continued care and manual therapy, and physical therapy each showed statistically significant less analgesic use than that of the practitioners.

Visiting the Chiropractor

If you are having neck pain, a chiropractor can diagnose what is happening and help you figure out what to do next. They will use a spinal adjustment to assess your neck pain and talk with you about the amount of time you spend bent over screens. They will also do a complete review of your medical history and discuss all of your daily activities.

Then he or she will suggest ways to fix it, like shortening sessions and using neck and posture exercises. He will also suggest you use a position where the head does not bend forward and the screen is at eye level.

It may take some time to figure it out, but it might be amazing how much better your neck starts to feel. The chiropractor’s goal will be to help you get back to work and on to your leisure time games without using medications or surgery.

Visit your chiropractor and find out more.

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