Chiropractor in San Antonio Understands Your Spinal Curvature

For proper posture, sitting up straight and waking without a slouch is really only half the battle. The way in which the spine curves plays a big part in the way we stand, sit, and walk. Curvature of the spine is different from person to person, however there is a scale in which we should all fall in order to have curvature of the spine that is deemed healthy and that doesn’t interfere with our overall health.


The cervical curve consists of the first seven vertebrae in your spine, starting from the base of your skull at the C1 or the atlas vertebrae, (named as such because it holds up the head) and ends with the thoracic spine. Improper curvature of the spine, partcularly in the neck, can pose many problems, not just for the spine but for health as a whole for the sufferer.

The curve in the spine and neck needs to be just right because, improper curvature can put pressure and tension on the neck, head, shoulders and back, which can lead to other health risks if not corrected or properly treated. If the curvature of the spine is incorrect, the discs and joints are put under immense pressure that can cause severe pain. This pain leads to premature degeneration of the discs and joits, which can lead to much more serious ailments later in life. The correct curve can mean the world of difference in your life. There are four different types of curvatures in the cervical spine all of which can be determined through an X-ray, the four types are as follows:


This is a normal, healthy curvature in the neck. The curve is generally about 42 degrees when standing upright with the chin parallel to the ground. The curve looks like the letter c was placed on the back with the curved edge being the curve of the spine.


This type is actually quite hazardous to the back and neck as there is a decreased presence of any curve in the back and often times there can be no curve no curve in the neck. In an X-ray, the neck may look almost straight. When this is the case, their is often a lot of pressure on the neck as it is supporting the head with all weight bearing straight down on it.

Reverse Curve/Kyphotic

Unfortunately if you suffer from reverse curve it typically means that your neck has completely lost its healthy curve and is now curving the opposite direction, connecting your thoracic and cervical curves.

“S” Curve

The hardest curve to correct, the “S” curve is when the spine has both a lordotic and kyphotic curve. Meaning it essentially curves in two places and often needs more invasive measures to correct.

If you have any issues with the curvature of the neck or spine, or any questions regarding how chiropractic care can help you in your overall health, please feel free to come into our clinic. The Joint in San Antonio at Alon Town Centre encourages walk ins; with our no apportionment philosophy, getting in to see a doctor of chiropractic is made much more convenient for you. With great pricing, flexible hours and days of operation, we are hear to help you get and stay in the best health of your life.


 Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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