Find Out About the Silent Danger of Osteoporosis


Doctor with patientMost of us never really think about weak, brittle bones. When we do, we usually think of seniors who are aging and may have fallen. But the American Chiropractor’s Association says 20 million Americans suffer from osteoporosis and many of them do not know they have it, until they fall and wind up with fractures. ACA says one in two women, and one in eight men will run into an osteoporosis related fracture at some point in their lives.

Being Prepared Counts for a Lot

Because osteoporosis is painless until a bone fracture happens, we all need to know what it takes to make sure our bones are healthy. Osteoporosis is a progressive condition that steals bone from the body putting people at risk for hip, spine and wrist fractures.

I saw this happen to a friend of mine who ran her own business and also spent a lot of time with her grandkids. She kept a busy work and weekend schedule, but it all stopped suddenly when she fell at work. Her wrist fracture changed everything, limiting her work, and requiring an extended period of treatment and recovery. Until the fracture happened she was not aware that she had osteoporosis.

How To Fight Back

First, see the doctor for an osteoporosis checkup. If there is no osteoporosis, preventive exercises can be started to reduce future fracture risk. Try walking, skipping rope, jogging, swimming or aerobics.

If you have osteoporosis be careful when bending and lifting heavy objects. Bend from the knees not the waist to lift and avoid hunching while sitting or standing. Look for safe strength and balance training classes such as Tai Chi. Check with your doctor for calcium supplements and eat healthy choosing fresh vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Try broccoli, kale, cabbage, tofu, salmon, sardines and grains. Drink low fat milk and eat low fat yogurt to add 600 mgs of calcium daily. Drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water daily and avoid caffeine, sodas, alcohol, junk food and baked goods.

Visiting the Chiropractor

The chiropractor can help with fractures, or can be a good resource on how to prevent fractures. The visit will start with an initial spinal adjustment to evaluate spinal health. Then a complete medical history and discussion of current problems and activities will follow. The chiropractor’s goal will be to help seek relief and to regain activity without the use of medication or surgery. My friend found follow ups with the chiropractor helped her to learn new ways to be active without risk, as she gradually recovered from her fracture.

She also remodeled her diet, lost weight, started Tai Chi classes, and learned how to keep osteoporosis In check avoiding future fractures.

If you or someone in your family is facing osteoporosis or a fracture, your chiropractor will have some good solutions to make life work again. Make an appointment today.

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