Find Out How Exercise Can Out Power Medications


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Words like ‘exercise’ and ‘stress,’ pop up all of the time in our culture. We all know we need to minimize stress, and we often need to exercise more. From there, people head off in all different directions. Some people practically live at the gym. Others just opt out as they stay online or camp out on the couch.

But How Powerful Is Regular Exercise?

Harvard Health says exercise may have more power than medications to maintain healthy blood pressure, avoid diabetes, stroke and some forms of cancer.

They say exercise can lower the risk of heart disease as effectively as medications. It can encourage health weight, sharpen memory, and preserve independence for seniors. Exercise can not only help people survive, but thrive! And it may help moderate  risks such as cholesterol or blood sugar.

So How Do You Put This Power To Work?

There is no easy answer. But it is definitely worth finding good answers. When you find the right exercise routine, it will be as natural as breathing. When it really works you would not consider missing it.

If you have not established good workout times, keep looking. When you get a time that fits perfectly, it might seem as natural as brushing your teeth.

Important Precautions

If you have health issues like weight, blood pressure, heart problems, arthritis, or age, be very careful. Always see your doctor first whenever you change or start new exercises. You want the ones that fit like a glove, not exercises that can harm your body, waste your time, or put you at risk. Your chiropractor may also be able to help, as a regular monitor and health and wellness coach.

If time is a consideration, and of course, in one form or another, it always is, start taking a closer look at your life. What can you do faster and more efficiently, or what can you eliminate to open up exercise spots?

I have seen people become very resourceful as they blend exercise into their lives. They do the one legged, balance and strength making yoga tree pose, while they peel veggies for dinner. They do breathing exercises at their desks, and they do stretching exercises when they take a work break. They get up fifteen or twenty minutes earlier to prime their whole day with a brisk walk or a quick run.

When we consider how much power exercise may really have, we should all be out there figuring out ways to make it happen.


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