Chiropractic Surprise: Less Really Is More

picture of mom and little boyGetting more for your money is always good. But “less is more” is another special philosophy, held by many designers who seek perfection, selecting just the right elements to create award-winning furniture and buildings. 

It turns out the “less is more” philosophy also works quite well for chiropractors as they seek to maintain your spinal health naturally with the goal of perfection!

Less, actually NO prescription medication, is now the conservative chiropractic approach that is becoming the first choice for treatment as we see a dangerous overreliance on prescription painkillers reaching epidemic levels in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Less, actually NO surgery, is the chiropractor’s goal as he seeks to help you resolve pain and resume your life without risking surgery. A recent study based on Washington state workers found only 1.5 percent of those who visited a chiropractor first for work-related back pain later had surgery, compared to 42.7 percent of those who saw a surgeon first.

How Less Is More Really Works

Your spine is made of 24 independent vertebrae that let your body twist, bend and move through every hour of your day. The spine houses and protects the delicate central nervous system that directs every muscle, tissue and organ in your body. This really is command central; the better it works, the better off you are.

Working for Perfection

Your chiropractor begins with the purest form of chiropractic care to help your spine function naturally. Using full spinal adjustments to check for subluxations, which are misalignments of one or more vertebrae in the spine and/or the joints, your chiropractor’s adjustments may have far reaching effects on your back, neck and sciatica pain.  Then the improved functionality of the body through chiropractic care may also be an effective treatment for headaches, insomnia and allergies too.

This can be a way to wipe the slate clean, creating a stronger, freer you. 

I have watched this direct approach work with many friends and relatives as they extended their workouts, enjoyed more energy, and still had time to spare for their families.  Less really was so much better.

How to Get Started

As your local chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic makes it easy to try this natural approach. They have eliminated the hassle of appointments and insurance. Instead, they offer walk-in visits, evening and weekend hours, and affordable pricing plans. Finding out how you can enjoy the “less is more” approach can be as easy as stopping by for a visit. See you there!


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