Getting Out and Riding a Bicycle Has Benefits For The Body & Mind

It’s one of the first accomplishments and milestones in our lives, and we carry the ability with us throughout life, so much so that there’s even a widely popular and world-renowned phrase that eludes to it. Riding a bike is one of the most common forms of activity the world over. A great form of exercise, an activity that lets you travel, stay fit and see the sites, all at the same time.


In fact, riding a bicycle is often recommended to those whose health is in danger, as it is one of the fast track activities to better all around health. With strength training, cardiovascular and endurance principles all in one motion and exercise, there really is nothing that quite compares to a nice long bike ride. There are actually many things that riding on a regular basis can do for your health, and making you a happier and healthier person are just two of the major benefits.

Being an avid bicyclist gets you in shape fast to say the least. An hour on the bike burns roughly 500 calories depending on speed ridden and incline traveled. It helps decrease risk of cardiovascular health issues as it also ramps up heart rate. Not only are the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves used to pedal, but biking also works the shoulders, back and core. To say that riding a bicycle is a full body workout would be an understatement.

Feeling happier and having more energy are great health perks of riding a bike, as these affect both the body and the mind. Research shows that just six weeks of low to moderate biking can reduce feelings of fatigue or sadness, and also pump the body with more energy.

Biking can often see riders come across difficult terrain, and pushing through and defeating hills and trails that are difficult provides riders with mental fortitude, toughness and more will power than those who do not ride. In fact, riders face more risk of injury than drivers, so putting your body on the line each time you set off and pedal is a big thing to accomplish when the ride is complete.

Cyclists become more self sufficient the more that they ride. The benefits of self sufficiency are things like independence, and not needing specific things to make you happy. Having a stable center of well-being means that you’re thick-skinned and can come back from things much quicker and more effectively than most.

So remember these things the next time you set off on a bike ride, because with as many health benefits for the body as this activity has, it has even more for the mind.

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