How Chiropractic Care and Yoga May Tame Your Sciatica

picture of yoga studentsIf you have sciatic nerve pain you are probably always looking for ways to control the situation.

Sciatic pain starts when a small muscle deep in the hips tightens and compresses the sciatic nerve sparking a searing pain and numbness that runs from the bottom down the back of one leg.

The strength of the pain can easily become an overriding issue impacting everything else.

Solutions for Pain

In answer to the pain, treating the body with an overall program of chiropractic care and stretching the hips with yoga, may help to take the pressure off of the sciatic nerve, relieving the pain.

As the first step, see your chiropractor and discuss your sciatic pain.  The chiropractor will want to hear your symptoms with their effects on your daily schedule. There will also be a review of your medical history, followed by a spinal adjustment to spot any misalignments, subluxations, in your spine.

When the misalignment is corrected it may have far reaching effects on sciatica pain.  It also works well for people with low back or neck pain. This improved functionality of the body can then pave the way for treatment of headaches, insomnia and allergies.

As you and your chiropractor establish a plan of treatment for your sciatica, you may want to try yoga stretches like the reclining cow face, lunge or pigeon pose described in Start doing them three times a week. As the pain recedes, do them at least once a week to prevent future pain.

  • Reclining Cow’s Face – Lie flat on your back and cross the left leg over the right. Raise both legs off the floor, flex the feet and reach up for the ankles, hugging your legs over your belly. Keep the feet flexed and hold the pose for several breaths. Repeat with both sides.
  • Runner’s Lunge – Start with the right leg forward with the knee over the ankle and left knee on the ground with the top of your foot flat on the mat. Slowly lift your body and put your hands on right thigh. Lean hips forward keeping right knee behind toes. Feel the stretch in the left hip. Hold for at least 30 seconds for a deeper stretch. Repeat on the opposite side.

Visiting the Joint

Taming sciatica pain may get a lot easier when you visit your local chiropractor, The Joint, and start stretching more. The Joint makes everything easier. The hassle of insurance has been replaced by affordable care programs, and walk-in visits have replaced fixed appointments. Convenient weekend and evening hours are available too. Stop by soon.


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