How Chiropractic May Be Able To Aid Student Athletes


student athletesSports have been beloved by kids and adults alike for generations. From football to baseball, to lacrosse, professional and amateur sports are traditions as old as time. In addition to watching sports live on television or in person, many people play in amateur leagues including community or school teams. This includes a large number of children who play at school – a recent study found that there are more than 7.6 million student athletes in the United States alone. With so many kids playing sports – including full contact games – there has been rising concern about sports-related injuries among young people.

Overuse of muscles and joints can lead to an accelerated degradation – some young athletes find themselves with career-ending injuries before they’re old enough to sign a contract. Many athletes of all ages visit chiropractors regularly in order to treat any activity related strain and also to try and prevent future injury. Chiropractors understand the human body and have been trained to work on patients of all ages. They focus on keeping the spine in place and promoting nervous system health, which can aid both in healing and protecting any problem areas.

If you notice your child acting out of ordinary or if they complain of pain in their backs, legs or necks, there could be a sport-related injury hiding somewhere in the body. If left untreated, a small amount of stiffness could lead to permanent damage. Therefore, you may want to consult your chiropractor for a full examination. If subluxations are found, the chiropractor will correct them. Vertebrae will be put back where they belong, thus relieving any nerve pressure. Once circulation in the affected area is back to normal, pain levels should decrease.

Always keep your child’s pediatrician in the loop on any issues he or she may be having as there can be some injuries that require further intervention. Approaching these situations with an interdisciplinary wellness plan may get your child back out on the field in no time.

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