How to Make Exercise Work When You Have Arthritis

Picture of biker and walkerAnyone who has arthritic joint pain will tell you the strongest urge is to just stop moving.

Sitting or lying down is an automatic reaction, as pain and stiffness start imposing new limits on the world.  Then, the more the person sits or stays in bed, the stiffer he or she becomes.

The thought of exercise may seem almost unreachable as simple everyday tasks become increasingly difficult.

But the way out of this downward spiral really is exercise.

Regular exercise helps to keep the joints working, easing stiffness, while lowering pain and fatigue levels, according to

How to Begin

Seeing your local chiropractor can be an excellent way to turn everything around. A licensed chiropractor is trained to deal with joint pain, helping you seek the best options to maintain your normal routine.

As a first step, a spinal adjustment will be used to evaluate spinal health and assess the pain. From there, your chiropractor can help you work toward exercise goals, such as these from Harvard:

Improve balance: Simply stand, lift one foot and balance on the other for five seconds. Gradually work up to 30 seconds for each foot. The “Yoga tree” pose is similar with weight supported on one leg in stork fashion. In both cases, it is a good idea to use a nearby counter to steady yourself when you need to.

Stretch range of motion: Move a joint as far as you can. Then gently push the joint a little farther. If you are careful you can do this even when joints are swollen or painful.

Do aerobics.  Swim, bike or walk to increase your endurance as you strengthen the lungs and heart. Avoid high impact exercises such as jogging.

Build muscles: Use your own body weight as resistance to work muscles. Yoga does this with many poses using arms or legs to lift body weight. Simple exercises such as this one for knees works: Sit, lean forward, and stand up only using thigh muscles. Use arms just to balance. Then use just the thigh muscles to sit back down.

I have an aunt who has three kinds of arthritis. She does her own shopping, works in her garden and loves to walk. She believes if she had not stayed active when arthritis began, she might have become trapped in her home, barely able to move.

If you or someone in your family is fighting arthritis, don’t give in. Start fighting back now.

Take the Easiest Route

The Joint Chiropractic, as your local chiropractor, makes it simple. Insurance has been eliminated in favor of affordable care programs. Fixed appointments have been replaced with walk-in visits that include weekend and evening hours. Get started now with a visit to The Joint.


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