How to Make Healthy Knees a Lifetime Investment

picture of kneesI have friends who have had knee problems for years. I have other friends, who are going strong in their sixties, and have yet to encounter a single knee problem. Some of the difference may be luck, but knowing what to do can be crucial.

Ways to Keep Your Knees Healthy

Know Where You Stand: The knee is one of the most complex joints in the human body and pain can come from many sources including arthritis, knee trauma, or ligament tears. Having good resources and paying attention counts. Start with good daily habits to protect your knees and keep them healthy.

Lighten Up and Lower the Pressure: Take a close look at your diet and reduce your portions to maintain the best possible weight. For each pound your body carries, your knee absorbs four pounds of pressure. If you weigh 200 pounds that’s 800 pounds of pressure on the knee wherever you go, whatever you are doing. Just losing 10 pounds would drop the pressure by 40 pounds.

Drink Lots of Water: Cartilage is the soft spongy tissue which lines the ends of our joints allowing us to move without pain. That cartilage consists of 80 percent water. When we fail to stay hydrated the cartilage in the knee can degenerate, leading to joint disease. Have a glass of water in the morning and one before each meal.

Keep Moving: Movement helps to keep the cartilage alive and healthy. Unlike most other body tissue, cartilage does not have blood vessels to bring nutrients in. So movement is the only way to keep it healthy. Choose your favorite activity and do 30 minutes a day, five days a week, of moderate activity.

How Your Chiropractor Can Help

As you seek answers, you may want to visit your chiropractor to learn more about knee health and knee injury prevention.

Chiropractors are well trained and experienced in dealing with joint pain and demands of the knees. They offer the purest form of chiropractic care using full spinal adjustments to check for subluxations, which are misalignments of one or more vertebrae in the spine and/or joints. When the misalignment is corrected it may have far-reaching effects on overall joint pain, including back, neck and sciatica pain.

As  the chiropractor focuses on your knee health, he or she will be seeking natural solutions without the use of medication or surgery.  

I have many friends and relatives who have found this simple, direct chiropractic treatment to be the best answer. Whatever painful challenge they encountered, they relied on their chiropractor to guide them through it.

Visit the Joint Chiropractic

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