How to Make the Most of Spring Madness Without Tripping

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Every year about this time, I get an itch to really break free, doing everything I thought about over the winter. Then home projects suddenly take shape, impulsive trips actually happen and over the top exercise programs proliferate.

Sometimes all of this seems to happen simultaneously.

I call it spring madness and the result is always the same.  A week after this burst of activity, I find myself hobbling along with a sore knee or an aching back.

If this pattern sounds familiar to you, you might get a little backup at your local chiropractor, The Joint. Licensed chiropractors, who see all sorts of spring madness activities from sports injuries to household tumbles, are ready to help solve the pain and restore everyone to their normal schedules.

If you and your family could use this sort of a wellness base, when injuries break out, stop by The Joint soon and find out how it all works.

Essentially, The Joint focuses on your spinal health, using spinal adjustments to improve your spinal health. In the process, any misalignments, called subluxations, are realigned, which often results in far-reaching relief for back, neck and sciatica pain.  Improved spinal health may also pave the way to help allergies, TMJ, and headaches.

Bring your family in and spend some time discussing everyone’s schedules, medical histories, and any current pain issues. Your chiropractor will establish a profile for each of you, diagnosing your spinal health, and providing suggestions for future health improvements.

Then later, when you and your family take off on a weekend wilderness hike, or find yourself hanging off a ladder painting a bedroom, you will have The Joint’s expertise ready and awaiting to help fix everything.

I have many friends and family members who also get drawn into spring madness bursts of activity. But each of them very wisely lined up their local chiropractors, as a comfortable fallback, for when things happen as they always do. Over the years, they have avoided a lot of pain and strain with quick, competent chiropractic help that they could rely on.

If you recognize the urge to do more in the spring, keep an eye on your activities, do everything that you can to play/work/travel safely, and keep your local chiropractor in the loop.

The Joint Chiropractic is ready to help. It’s easy at The Joint. The hassle of insurance has been replaced by an affordable care program and fixed appointments have become walk-in visits with flexible weekday, weekend and evening hours available.  See you there.


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