How to Soothe Sore Knees with Water Walking,Tai Chi and Music

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If you have been fighting the sore knee battle for awhile, a fresh, new approach might deliver just the results you need.

To prevent stiffening with increasing soreness, water walking, tai chi sessions and dancing may help soothe the knees, relax the body and improve strength and balance.

  • Water Walking – Using the buoyancy of water takes the pressure off the knees as you improve flexibility. Researchers say walking through water provides 12 times the resistance of air to increase your workout. Regular warm pool dips will also relax your whole body. To find a water walking class, call your local Arthritis Foundation chapter, YMCA, fitness center or community recreation department.
  • Tai Chi Classes – Researchers found tai chi sessions with their standing, flowing movements helped reduce pain better than regular exercise and stretching classes. Tai chi also improves flexibility, balance, depression, self-confidence and general health. Tai chi is easily adaptable for individual limitations and widely available in community classes.
  • Music for Dancing – Familiar music lifts moods and invites dancing. If you start slowly, you may find this a great way to strengthen leg muscles to reduce stress on the knee. Dancing has also been found to improve balance, walking ability, stair climbing and overall agility. Look for community classes with sessions that appeal to you.

As you explore new classes, visits to your local chiropractor could be the next step to reducing your knee pain.

Visiting Your Chiropractor

When you visit your local clinic, The Joint Chiropractic, you will find a patient-centered wellness center that is ready to help you seek pain relief with a focus on the health of your spine, the command center for the whole body.

The spine houses your delicate nervous system, which connects your brain and body to make everything work. Throughout your day, your spine is on duty, keeping you and your body together.

After a discussion of your pain, and a review of your regular activities, and medical history, a full spinal adjustment will be used to look for misalignments, known as subluxations. When misalignments in the spine or joints are corrected, far-reaching effects may help reduce pain in your back, neck or sciatica.  This improved alignment may also help knees, allergies, TMJ, arthritis, and headaches.

At this point, you may want to set up regular 15-minute weekly visits to monitor your knees and keep your spine in peak condition.  

I have known many friends and relatives who have found this simple, direct approach to be the best way to solve pain and support long-term wellness. Whatever painful challenges they encountered, they relied on their chiropractor to help them make it through. They have also used it for wellness coaching as they slimmed down, worked out more, and learned to let go of stress. 

The Joint Chiropractic is ready when you are to help you seek immediate pain relief and ongoing health and wellness. The hassle of insurance and fixed appointments have been eliminated, replaced by affordable care programs. Weekday, weekend and evening hours are available. Walk-in visits are welcome.


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