How to Use Posture to Perfect Your Core Workout

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Most of us value our core workouts, and we would be happy to make them even better. 

Recently suggested quick posture checks as a way to maximize core workouts and make them safer.

As a strong advocate of good posture, your chiropractor can help you in this area too. Posture is a strong thread running through your chiropractor’s world. He or she sees the effects of good or bad posture, from the mattress that you sleep on, to the way you sit at work or slump at home on the couch.  With a focused attention on spinal health, your chiropractor can help you learn more about good posture, to avoid injury and make all of your efforts more effective.

How This Affects a Core Workout

Here is what standing up straight really means when you begin a core workout

  • Keep the chin parallel to the floor.
  • Keep shoulders even. To achieve this roll them up, back and down.
  • Let your arms hang evenly at your side with elbows relaxed.
  • Pull your stomach muscles in.
  • Keep your knees and feet pointed straight ahead.
  • Make sure your weight is evenly distributed on both feet.

Next, find your neutral position and hang onto it. Your body should be straight from head to feet, except for the slight natural curve of the spine. Your spine should not flex or arch, which emphasizes the curve of the lower back.  To find neutral, tip your pelvis forward as far as you comfortably can. Then tip it back. Neutral is in the middle. If you continue to do this, the new neutral positon will become your natural position.

Finally, understand exercise angles. A 90-degree angle looks like the letter “L,” when you are exercising. To make it a 30-degree angle, imagine it sliced into thirds.

Making good posture work in your core workout just takes a little practice. Use a mirror as a reminder and watch for the results. Overall, to understand good posture and make it work for you, see your local chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic.

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