Is ECM The Answer To the Natural Aging Process ?

wrinklesIt may be time to say goodbye to the miracle creams, the powerful potions and the fad diets; the newest and proven way to extend our time here on earth, and to keep us healthy from the inside out has been developed by researchers.

This anti aging medicine is being touted as the secret that everyone has long been searching for to longevity of life and an overall good bill of health. Ironically, the medicine is derived from the same formula used in anti-wrinkle lotions. A duel use will no doubt see this product fly off the shelves, as it not only works to erase those unwanted fine lines on the face and hands, but it also penetrates the skin and immerses itself within the cells to slow down the process of aging.

The fact that the medicine comes from the same formula used for treating wrinkles, is no coincidence. Scientists and physicians alike have been working to find an anti-aging serum that truly works, and attacking wrinkles was the first step in doing so. Researchers were able to find a link in the increased overall activity of genes that produce collagen, which is essential to healthy skin, when they studied the make up of components in extra-cellular matrix (ECM).

The ECM is the foundation within the body of cells that helps to stabilize and strengthen tissues, organs and bones.

When supplying the body with any form of anti aging property, from wrinkle cream to an increase in the foods in your healthy diet, the rate at which collagen and ECM genes are active, naturally increases within the body. Safely interfering with the ECM genes allows you to disrupt the lifespan extension, meaning that you slow down the speed at which cells break down and in doing so the body is revitalized for longer, and delays the onset of age related occurrences such as wrinkles and graying hair.

Because collagen is the main structural component throughout the body in terms of enabling the connective tissue to remain healthy, when it breaks down, as it does when we age, we are loosing the amount of elasticity and strength in our skin and tissue. ECM structures also decline in their strength over time as we age, but the fact that collagens have been modified and used to help in other conditions d in conditions such as diabetes and kidney diseases, using hem to help slow the process of the cell deterioration can help us to live longer and develop stronger and more elastic muscle tendons.

ECM can be the newest and safest way to fright back in a healthy way against aging, and this new scientific discovery may very well lead to an array of cosmetic products that improve health and appearance, working on both the inside and the outside.





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