Making the Most of Summer Should Start with Your Chiropractor

a picture of a chiropractor shaking hands with a womanWe are definitely into summer, with barbecues and weekends away keeping us all busy. Of course, we are also mixing in some regular work days too. So just how do we make the most of the summer time that is left?

Staying as Active As Possible

For me, that means maintaining momentum. To keep the enthusiasm going that gets me out for an early morning run, or makes sure I show up for my yoga class, I need to feed that active attitude.

One way to do that is to stay active at work. Short walks during the morning break, an outdoor exercise session at lunch, and some stretching exercises in the afternoon can all help.

Aetna suggests a few desk exercises to help

Finger Taps
Keep your fingers limber. Simply touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of each finger, making the circle as round as you can. Straighten your fingers in between each touch.

Tension Sweep
Once an hour release typing tension. Tuck your elbows in with palms facing each other. Bend wrists forward bringing fingers toward each other. Bend wrists back so palms face the front. Repeat five times.

Shoulder Rolls
Sit or stand with your back straight and lift your shoulders as high as you can. Bring them forward and push down. Pull your shoulders back and return to start.

If desk exercises work for you, keep right on going with other work exercises. Bring your yoga mat to work or bike in if that is possible. Turn short meetings into walk around meetings and stand whenever you are talking with others. The next move might be to see your chiropractor for more suggestions on making the most of your summer.

A Visit to the Chiropractor

If this is your first visit the chiropractor will do a spinal adjustment to evaluate spinal health. A full medical history will be reviewed and a discussion of current pain, along with current schedules and activity will occur.

The chiropractor’s goal is to try to help relieve pain and maintain normal activities without medication or surgery.
As you come looking for ways to stay active safely, the chiropractor will be able to steer you away from dangerous ones and into ones that may get the results you want.

The chiropractor may also want to add some tension and stress releasing classes like Tai Chi or yoga, and a round or two of relaxation exercises. As meetings evolve and the chiropractor is able to monitor progress, there may be more suggestions on cutting back work hours or reshaping work schedules.

Keeping in mind that you want to make the most of every summer day, the chiropractor may also want to talk about your favorite hobbies, goals and future plans. With an overview of you and a current reading of your spinal health, the chiropractor is well equipped to help you.

If that sound like a plan, make an appointment today and find out more.


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