Pomegranates May Be Your Brain’s Best Friend

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Actually, pomegranate juice may be one of the most talented members in the juice aisle. For quite some time I skipped over it, but new research benefits keep popping up. And it looks like this juice or fresh fruit should be in your diet.

When you read about its many benefits you may agree. You could serve it with sparkling water. Or it comes mixed with cranberry juice (great choice to fight urinary infections) and it has a sweet natural taste that could mix easily into baking recipes.

But whatever you do, try it. Here are some of the good reasons:

It may recharge the brain. Researchers have found pomegranate juice can fight the inflammation that leads to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. They are continuing to study the element, punicalagin, found in pomegranate juice which fights Alzheimer’s. They suggest drinking pure pomegranate juice and say it may also fight cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.

It helps fight stress related heart disease. Drinking eight ounces a day for three months helped to improve the health of patients who were not getting enough blood to their heart muscle. Those participants with this disease who did not drink the juice showed more stress induced symptoms. No body weight or blood sugar levels were impacted by the juice.

It may cut the plaque that accumulates in heart vessels and leads to attacks. Researchers say it can reduce the plaque that is already there and work to prevent more plaque buildup. Its anti oxidative talents have been shown to lower LDL, bad cholesterol that forms plaque.

It may fight prostate cancer, too. Pomegranate juice may help to mend DNA damage and to prevent additional damage that can cause cancer. They are suggesting prostate cancer patients drink pomegranate juice daily. The juice seems to stop cancer cell growth with a combination of the elements found in the juice.

If this sounds hard to beat, put the juice on your shopping list and start finding ways to use it. Here’s WebMD’s Pomegranate Punch recipe. You can use it to help with weight loss and deliver all of the juice’s healthy benefits.

Pomegranate Punch
1 cup choice of fruit juice
1/2 cup pomegranate juice
1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup diet grapefruit juice soda or 7-Up
Stir and serve over ice. Makes one serving with 125 calories.

As you make diet changes be sure to check with your doctor and discuss any ongoing conditions and concerns.


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