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Everybody in the family wants to be active and out there, and should be. Exercise has been shown to be one of the main ingredients for good health throughout life. But covering every activity, from a junior soccer game to Dad’s competition run, requires some good backup.

Most of the families that I know have found this works best if they have a chiropractor in their corner. Starting with good advice on what sports to choose, and what sports to drop, the chiropractor can help keep our sports adventures on the fun side, minimizing pain and hassle.

The American Chiropractic Association says the most commonly injured areas of the body in sports are the ankles, knees, shoulders, elbow and spine. Make sure you have the adequate equipment and proper instruction before starting any new sport. Launching into new things without complete preparation frequently triggers injuries.

ACS adds the most commonly injured parts of the body are the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Tendons attach muscles to bones and ligaments attach one bone to another. An acute twisting of a joint can cause muscle and tendon tears that are strains, or tears of ligaments, that are sprains. The injuries can be mild or severe.

Watch Out for Tendonitis

ACS warns against over training which can happen when the tendon becomes inflamed from repeated use. In the shoulder the rotator cuff can also become inflamed. Tennis and golf frequently result in elbow tendonitis too.

Visiting the Chiropractor

Depending on the injury the patient may see a doctor and a chiropractor with ongoing treatment creating a team to help the patient regain activity. The chiropractor will do a spinal adjustment to seek to provide pain relief and evaluate spinal health. A complete medical history and discussion of how the injury happened and when pain occurred will follow.

The chiropractor may also suggest rest, elevation, compression and ice or heat. ACS says no more than 48 hours of rest or immobilization is needed, depending on the injury. In most cases, the sooner the person becomes active after an injury the more rapid the recovery. The chiropractor can guide this process making sure the timing is right.

Overall, the chiropractor’s goal is to help the patient return to normal routines without pain medication or surgery. As regular routines return, the chiropractor will have some cautions to avoid future injuries: drink enough water, use good warm up and cool down exercises and always understand and use correct safety equipment.

Putting the chiropractor on your family’s team should keep everybody moving safely. Make an appointment today.


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