So What Is A Workaholic? Are You One?


Picture of working group.This morning as I inhaled my second cup of very dark coffee, and checked out Charlie Rose on the news, he hit the subject of workaholics. He smiled a little as the rest of the people on screen all looked back at him.

Yes, if you watch any of his many on screen shows, you may already know he fits the workaholic image. And of course he knows that.

But along with it, I have seldom seen him take a wrong step. He is always prepared and very knowledgeable, and very good at connecting with people. Obviously he loves what he is doing and it works for him.

CEO Tony Schwartz said, “You might be a workaholic if you are watching this from the office while answering emails, eating breakfast, writing a report and listening to a conference call. He talked about making smarter choices at the office.

But I think there is more to consider.

I think If we retain a sense of humor, a real perspective on our lives, and are willing to modify as we go, it may work out.

But There Are Dangers To Watch Out For

No matter how much you love what you are doing, if you are NEVER there for your family, always pushing yourself to the max, and sometimes ignoring your health, you may need to step back soon and learn how to modify.

Interesting Looks At What Can Happen

A former boss of mine, who is a workaholic keeps a nonstop pace going with long days. He also blends together his personal and his work worlds. And he knows how to step away and relax with jazz, person to person talks, and hiking in the wilderness with his spouse and his kids. When you talk with him you always feel like you have been heard.

Another relative of mine is also a workaholic. When asked when he would retire? He smiled and asked, “Then what would I do?” This fellow is successful and enjoying every minute. Along the way, he is there on the weekend for his wife and his kids. And then he is really there for them, not cooped up in a home office directing work traffic! They go out for big dinners, work on the backyard, and just enjoy life.

Another dear friend of mine was also quite successful and directed an ongoing stream of traffic from his private study for many years. If you went sailing with him or had dinner on the weekend, you might meet his accountant, his doctor or his daughter. He moved about as he wished, happily blending everything together. He was one of the most free spirits that I have ever known.

If you suspect or actually know you are a workaholic, or you are dealing with someone who is, you may understand the good, the bad and the in-between.

To make it work knowing how to stay real, treat everyone well, and blend it all together, where possible, has possibilities.


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