Stand Up, Step Up, Start Moving with Chiropractic

picture of man walkingI think chiropractic has become so popular because it is a natural for today’s health road map which tells us to stand more than sit, straighten up instead of slouch, and step up our activities.

Chiropractic helps us do all of this, and more.


Stepping up activities can be a breeze if your body is free of aches and pains and you have the energy.

So where can you make that happen? Chiropractic, of course.  

Eliminating pain to be more active is an ongoing goal at the chiropractor. Using full spinal adjustments to check for subluxations, which are misalignments of one or more vertebrae in the spine and/or the joints, your chiropractor’s adjustments may have far reaching effects on pain in the back, neck and sciatica pain. 

Then the improved functionality of the body through chiropractic care may become an effective treatment for headaches, insomnia and allergies too.

Just like that, you and your chiropractor will be wiping the slate clean, helping you do more bicycling, running, or walking, whatever fits you and your schedule. Then, the best thing of all happens. As your spine becomes healthier and you become more active, your energy grows too!


Standing rather than sitting might become a natural if we learn some new office stretching exercises and rethink our day, interspersing computer sessions with walk around meetings and 15-minute morning and afternoon walk breaks. Suddenly new ideas come quicker and little annoyances drop away. Life is good.

So how would that happen? With chiropractic advice, of course.


Straightening up might feel quite natural if we took a good look at our posture and understood how it affects our spine.

So where would we do that?  In the chiropractor’s office, of course.

In a culture, where screens rule at home and at work, posture has slid off the scale with ongoing slumping and slouching becoming the norm. Back and necks suffer and eventually react. Don’t wait for chronic pain to set in. Let your chiropractor help you get your posture back on course now.

Learn how to sit at your computer with the screen at eye level, and your feet flat on the floor. Train yourself to position your tablet or cell screen so that you are looking straight ahead instead of hunching over it. Consider yoga or tai chi classes to learn to stand tall completely tuned into your body. 

The Joint Is Ready to Help

As your local chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic can help you fashion the best possible health plan. They have simplified the whole process, eliminating insurance, and dropping fixed appointments. Instead, they provide flexible weekend and evening hours and affordable care plans. Stop by soon and find out how easy it can all be.


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