Start the New Year with a Family Chiropractic Checkup

picture of children walkingAs we move into the New Year, all of our best intentions come up for review. But a visit to the local chiropractor’s office could be the one that counts the most all year long.

Your local chiropractor is perfectly positioned to serve as a wellness center for your whole family, covering all of the bases as they come up. They can help spot potential problems before they get a grip and help you seek solutions promptly when pain flares.

Take a Look at Your Family

Check your family’s posture, slumping on the couch, or flopped on the floor with a tablet. Your chiropractor can help everyone straighten up before bad posture turns to ongoing pain.

Then check your kids’ backpacks. They may have seemed fine in September, but who knows how much has been loaded on since, adding to the load they tote every day.

Get Some Good Chiropractic Tips

The American Chiropractic Association recommendations:

Exercise regularly. An inactive lifestyle contributes to lower-back pain.

Warm up or stretch before exercising or other physical activities, such as gardening.

If you must sit for long periods, take frequent breaks and stretch.

Don’t lift by bending over. Instead, bend your hips and knees and then squat to pick up the object. Keep your back straight, and hold the object close to your body.

Don’t twist your body while lifting.

Push, rather than pull, when you must move heavy objects.

Wear flat shoes or shoes with low heels for work.

Maintain a healthy diet and weight.

Maintain proper posture.

Sleep on a mattress of medium firmness to minimize any curve in your spine.

Quit smoking. Smoking impairs blood flow, resulting in oxygen and nutrient deprivation to spinal tissues.

Consult your doctor of chiropractic to ensure that your workstation is ergonomically correct.

Drink plenty of water every day to help hydrate the spine.

Make a Wellness Visit to Your Chiropractor

Along with great tips, the Joint Chiropractic, offers a complete wellness center focused on you and your family. They believe wellness and routine chiropractic care should be as basic to our lives as healthy diets and daily exercise.

They offer the purest form of chiropractic care, providing full spinal adjustments to check for subluxations, which are misalignments of one or more vertebrae in the spine and/or the joints.

When the misalignment is corrected and you have improved joint motion and nerve function, it may have far reaching effects on back, neck and sciatica pain. The improved functionality of the body through chiropractic care may also help headaches, insomnia, and even allergies.  

Keep your family on track with The Joint Chiropractic. The Joint makes it easy to get started, eliminating the hassle of appointments and insurance with walk-in visits and an affordable pricing plan, so that everyone can get the care they need. Stop in and find out more.


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