Surprising Reasons Why Friends Are So Great For Your Health


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If someone asked you why your friends count so much, you might say because they are always there for you. You might also explain how they always understand and have the time to listen.

I would say much the same. My friends back me up when I really need it, and always help when they can. They also skip criticism and just listen. With friends, you get to be right. Later you may realize you were wrong, but your friends know you will figure that out in your own time. Their job is to provide the immediate support that really counts when you are angry, frustrated or sad.

Over the years, we all rack up losses and triumphs. For me, most of those moments were made even more fun, or in the case of bad ones, at least tolerable, because close friends were there lending a hand, and showing up, no matter what. That quick hug, reassuring call, or amazing follow through really did make a difference.

Think about your friends and what they do for you in the good times and the bad.

Extra Dividends Friends Provide

But now Forbes has a separate take on what friendship can do. They say genuine friends help support our personal and professional life. They believe strong friends encourage us to be self disciplined and make good choices. When we are about to blow the budget on a trip to Chile, instead of making that really good investment, they may help us think it through and reconsider. I suspect this is true. As I look back there were many times when friends steered me away from some really bad choices and helped to me get back on the best track.

Forbes also says close friends help us stay well and live longer. Recent studies show aging adults with a strong network of friends often live longer than ones who are alone. I am sure we have all seen that in seniors we know who are socially active, and those who are not. That positive social feed does so much to make the day good. At any age, friends tend to provide a positive backdrop for everything we do. If we choose real ones who care, they will remind us to show up at the gym or go for the healthy foods. And they always take the time to call and check on us.

The ones that are not so good can be easily recognized. They often make unreasonable demands, shape things to fit their needs, and waiver when it really counts. Those are the ones you may not need at all.

However you see your friends, the best advice might be to hang on to the really good ones. You can help them, and they may be helping you in more ways than you realize.


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