The Dangers of Energy Drinks & Energy Shots


Picture of energy drinks.Energy drinks and lower calorie energy shots really are everywhere, especially among younger drinkers, but also seem to be growing in middle aged drinkers. For some they seem to be a symbol of the things everybody does, as the products link up with racing or other popular action events. One young co-worker told me his whole day was basically fueled with energy drinks and shots.

I have seen other people on the job routinely down energy drinks or shots as they power through the day. For those of us who have been dedicated coffee drinkers forever, we easily recognize this pattern. In both cases, recognizing it and holding it down, might be advisable for both sets of drinkers.

Caffeine Withdrawal & Refuel Patterns

Recently there have been reports on how much caffeine in coffee can create a withdrawal/use seesaw so we use coffee to feel normal. Obviously that same caffeine rubber band effect of withdrawal followed by a replacing of the caffeine again, may be going on with energy drinks too.

If members of your family are into energy drinks along with their fast food hits, you might consider some of the warnings that are being sounded.

Physical effects of drinks, and dangers when exercising.

In a WebMD article on energy shots, the effects of too much caffeine are nervousness, nausea, even vomiting, trouble sleeping, accelerated heart beat and climbing blood pressure.  Other sources caution too much caffeine can lead to migraines, risky behavior, drugs, and addiction. WebMD also warns about using energy shots before exercising. The doctors say exercise boosts your heart rate and blood pressure, and you do not want to start exercising already primed with an energy shot that could contribute to a heart attack or stroke.

There is a lot of exercise advice out there that encourages caffeine use with exercise, and perhaps we should all monitor our exercise patterns and determine what safe usage is. We should also be watching for more reports on usage, and warnings on energy drinks that really do not have much official regulation. Pre-teens, teens, young adults and middle age drinkers are all out there reaching for energy drinks and shots. Better choices to promote might be eating more small, healthier snacks and meals, sleeping better, and finding ways to relax and exercise more.

As always, if you are concerned about the use of energy drinks, see your doctor to discuss symptoms and change patterns.

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