The Signs Warning You To Disconnect From Social Media

fbSocial media is at the forefront of our society in every aspect. Not only is it the fastest, easiest and most popular way to communicate with the people in our lives today, but it also has a power unlike anything we have seen when it comes to our lives and everything surrounding them. From presidential voting to dating, social media is officially ingrained into our entire world as we know it.

With all of the good things that come from social media (being connected to loved ones and friends, and being hip to the latest and greatest trends, fads and even worldwide news), it can often also have a not-so-pleasant side. This has never been more true when looking at social media in regards to mental health and well-being.

One of the easiest ways to have social media really affect our mental state, is to rely on it far more than we ever really should. This has rapidly become an issue with a large portion of the billions of people that use it daily. Signing off for even just a short while can give the mind a chance to reboot, refresh and keep unnecessary stress at bay. Check out some of the popular warning signs that suggest that you should be powering down for just a little while.

You Know Too Much

Social media is a great way to stay current on events in the lives of those we are close to, but knowing too much can be a real possibility when you’re on social media. Knowing the every move of all of your friends makes it redundant to even see them in “real life.” Taking an interest is one thing, but knowing all there is to know about everyone and everything, is taking it a little too far. Browse, don’t detect: the difference is minimal, but it’s also much healthier.

You Gauge What You See Against What You Do

So your friend went on a worldwide, lavish vacation, while you stayed home and read a book in the back yard? So, what? Measuring your life against the lives of others, especially online, is something that can trigger the start of things like depression and anxiety. Live your life, do the things you want, and be happy with the way you’re doing them. Feelings of jealousy, anger, lust and inadequacy shouldn’t come into play when you’re scrolling through Facebook status updates.

You Feel Uneasy Without Your Phone Close By

The cellphone has become more of a status symbol, and social media connection, than an actual phone. Leaving the house without your phone can often trigger feelings of anxiety, and if this is the case, it means that you’re relying far too heavily on your phone for social media than for actual communication. Refreshing your feed every 20 minutes, and constantly feeling the need to check up on your friends’ online activity is a warning sign that it’s time to step away from technology for a while.


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