Tips To Keep You Healthy & Warm This Winter

winterThe winter season is filled with enough things to fret and worry over, and your health shouldn’t be one of them. Knowing exactly how to combat the cold and flu season, and keep your immune system working at full strength, involves a few things that you need to do when venturing out into the cold.

Because the body is far more susceptible to bacteria when it’s colder outside, it’s important that you take necessary precautions to guard against getting yourself, or those around you, sick. Take a look at some of these easy and effective ways in which you can fight all of your winter weather concerns.

Barely Breathing

Many people refrain from venturing outside when it’s cold because of the plain and simple fact that being chilly isn’t most people’s cup of tea. Being warm is in our nature as humans; in fact, that notion is mirrored in many animals, as we can see with hibernation for example. Now, while the cold isn’t all that appealing, exercise during the winter is a surefire way of keeping the body in great shape and in fighting condition when it comes to outside bacteria. Physical activity naturally warms the body, so getting outside and moving will actually do a good job of keeping you warm, provided that you’re properly dressed.

Bundle Up

To stay healthy, whenever you do make the brave attempt of going outside, it’s always smart to dress for the occasion. You’d rather be overdressed than under-dressed, especially when it comes to the cold. It’s vital that you keep your body temperature up; do this by layering your clothing. Because heat leaves the body from the head and the hands most rapidly, gloves and hats are a must. So too is a scarf, as the face can easily become affected by colder outside temperatures.

Pucker Up

Covering our heads, toes and hands come as second nature, but the cold takes its toll on the lips more than people realize. With harsh winds, cold, dry air and low humidity, the lips can often become chapped, cracked and even blister if they aren’t treated with a little TLC from time to time. Because the lips have no oil glands, they are prone to frying out easily; add a little chapstick, lotion or lip balm, and cover your face as well to lock in the moisture.



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