Unwelcome Signs of Stress

Stress manifests itself in a number of different ways, and they all shine through depending on who you are and how much stress you and your body are under. Symptoms of stress vary from person to person, with the constant being the fact that stress is unwanted and harms your health drastically. Whether physically or mentally, stress can take its toll. Mental triggers especially cause hormonal responses in the body that often lead to a variety of issues, including some of these unpleasant instances and occurrences: 


One of the most evident and  unwelcome side effects of stress is acne. Even if you’re well past puberty, acne can still resurface and wreak havoc on your skin and your confidence. Acne is due in part to stress-causing hormone imbalances. The body tries to compensate when things are a little out of sorts, and this can lead to inflammatory responses like breakouts. Maintaining good hygiene can certainly help, as can eating whole and natural foods, while doing your best to reduce and monitor your stress.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is typically attributed to hereditary and age-related causes; however, stress is also a large reason that both men and women lose their locks. Once again, because stress induces altered hormone levels, this can trigger a response in hair follicles. However, unlike other causes of hair loss, when stress is the root cause, it is known to grow back in most cases when stress is controlled.

Back Pain

Back pain is often a result of stress and tension. When this is the case, the body experiences muscle tightness directly related to the stress being put onto the body. Poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle can play into this. However, daily activity and stretching can reduce the chance of aches and pain associated with stress.


Stress can affect your digestion and GI tract in a variety of ways. Stress is directly related to ulcers, acid reflux and other intestinal issues. If left untreated, they can be seriously harmful to your overall health. Eating habits, especially while stressed, can also lead to poor stomach health.


High amounts of stress lead to skin rashes, and flare ups in anyone that has an ongoing issue with things like eczema or dry and flaky skin. If you have a pre-existing skin condition, stress is more likely to cause flare ups. Stress increases the body’s inflammatory response which can lead to puffy or red skin. Try to keep it at bay by finding a positive outlet for dealing with stress in your life.

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