Ways to Zoom In On the Good Times


Picture of father and son.,Sometimes we lose touch with the best part of life – the way your little one skips out the door in the morning, or the way your little dog greets you in the evening. Both your little dog and your little girl have not lost that magic view of life. But for many of us the chaos of the day and the demands of the world may hide our view of the good times. However, it can be easier than we think to reel in the good times and put a lid on boring or sad thoughts.

Try dialing up the good times with a fresh view.

Give yourself permission every morning to look for something funny on the way to work. You’ll be surprised how many comical characters are out there.

As you move through the day, keep some special goal in mind. When the meeting seems to last forever, or there are too many things to do, take a deep breath and focus on that special weekend party, or dinner that’s coming up. As the afternoon stretches out and cookies are calling to you, take 15 minutes outside to do a brisk walk or quick run. Or try a 15 minute meditation and picture your favorite time at the beach.

Then when you head home for the evening, instead of dialing in all of the usual stuff, reverse the evening schedule. Take everyone out for pizza, or eat outside on the patio. Spend a little extra time with everyone finding out about their day. 

Whatever makes you happiest will lift your mood. For some stopping off to surprise a shut-in with a special treat, or dropping by a senior neighbor to see how they are doing will lighten the day a little for them and for you. Giving yourself credit for what you do can also spark the day as you do a recount and give yourself a pat on the back for effort completed.

On the weekends, you have a great opportunity to make some memories. Actually whip up a picnic and take that hike that you have been intending to do. Or make time to have friends over and try out a new recipe. Instead of sleeping late, overeating and watching the weekend wilt, pick one of those options you have been wanting to do and make it happen. Before you know it Saturday In the Park may become a tradition at your house.
Memories and good times can be whatever you want them to be.

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