When Do You Laugh the Most?


Never underestimate the power of a good laugh. When everything seems to be headed in the wrong direction, a good laugh can turn things around. We all run into life’s little trials and sometimes laughter is the best medicine to help us get through them.

The morning schedule is underway and the car won’t start.  We are late for the early meeting again. Family plans collide with work schedules. Life gets way off track. 

But then something funny happens and we just have to stop and laugh. A family member tells a joke or does something incredibly funny. Or a favorite friend leaves a funny message. Whatever the case, laughter hits the spot. Suddenly the sun comes out and life snaps back into place.  A really good laugh can release tension and make our lives comfortable again.

Check out these ways to facotr laughter into your healthy daly routine:

Think of the people you admire most and how they handle humor. 

I had a boss who very skillfully headed a Health Center filled with demanding people and a number of constant challenges. When his employees would feel overwhelmed, he would say, “You can’t take all of this so seriously. Tomorrow it will be something else.” And as predicted, it always was and yesterday’s issues dropped away. Nothing was quite as bad as it had seemed.

Develop your own little tricks for seeing the funny side.

Sometimes when you are plodding along and doing your best, stop and think of a funny moment that you love. Favorite funny movies, books and performers can turn your mood around. Keep a reserve memory bank of funny moments.

So, what do you have to gain by adding laughter? Take a look at some of these health benefits of getting a good chuckle in each day:

Laugher improves your sense of well-being

As you relax and your mood regroups, everything becomes OK. All of the tension and worry starts to let go.  

Laughter can ease your mind and help you think more clearly

All of those meetings and vital decisions will go better when you are relaxed and positive.

Laughter reduces tension, depression, and anger.

Without it, it’s easy to go into a spin that feeds on itself.  One angry moment sets us up for more.

Laughter lowers stress levels and reduces blood pressure.

Your health depends on a low key, relaxed setting. Laughter exercises the heart and strengthens the immune system boosting T cells that fight off colds and flu. Laughter reduces pain, automatically triggering endorphins, the body’s natural pain killers.

These are just a few of the ways to put a good spin on the day.  Take a moment to think about your best times and you’ll find even more.  But if bad moods still seem to linger and depression becomes an issue, see your doctor to review your health and diet. He or she can also recommend a counselor to help.  

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