When Overloads Won’t Quit, Your Chiropractor Can Adjust the Picture

picture of woman workingAfter a long day with small children, or many hours in front of a screen at work, your body may be screaming for attention.

Your head hurts, your neck is stiff and your back is sore. Collapsing on the couch and gulping pain relievers or sipping wine may get you through the evening, but getting relief for the next day and the day after is a much tougher issue.

What Your Chiropractor Can Do

As your daily life generates problems your chiropractor may be able to help you seek answers for immediate pain while establishing a whole new course to reduce problems in the future. 

How It Works

Your spine is made of 24 independent vertebrae that let your body twist, bend and keep moving through every hour of your day. The spine also houses and protects the delicate central nervous system that coordinates and controls every muscle, tissue and organ in your body. We are talking Command Central here, which is precisely why your chiropractor believes the first step to a healthy body is a spine that functions well.

Getting the Help You Need

Your local chiropractor, The Joint Chiropractic, is uniquely positioned to help you take control of your spinal health to make daily life easier.

The Joint offers the purest form of chiropractic care, providing full spinal adjustments using the diversified technique to check for subluxations, which are misalignments of one or more vertebrae in the spine and/or the joints.

When the misalignment is corrected it may have far reaching effects on back, neck and sciatica pain. The improved functionality of the body through chiropractic care may be an effective treatment for headaches, insomnia and allergies, too.

Taking It from There

As you experience the results, your chiropractor can help you shape a comprehensive health care and wellness plan tailored to your daily schedule.

I have known a variety of people among friends and family who have followed this wellness course with their chiropractors as they made their way from middle age to retirement, staying active the whole way.  They also ran into headaches, back and neck pain and many other challenges, but they said chiropractic treatment made the difference.

How to Get Started

The Joint Chiropractic makes it easy by eliminating the hassle of appointments and insurance with walk-in visits and affordable pricing plans so everyone can get the care they need.

If this sounds like a natural approach that you would like to pursue, give your back a break, stop by soon and find out more.


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