Why Chiropractors Are So Valuable When Accidents Strike


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As we speed along the freeway, we all know accidents are a real possibility. A friend of mine encountered a not so pleasant drive one Friday afternoon in the rain; a car clipped the rear bumper of her car, spinning her all the way around and into the freeway median shoulder.

What Happens with Whiplash

As she made her way through recovery, from the ER to the doctor, to the chiropractor, she found out how much pain one accident can deliver. Whiplash took up a great deal of her life for several months as she worked her way back to health with the assistance of her chiropractor.

Takingcharge.com tells a similar story, much like that of my friend’s accident. Sam also came away from a car accident with problems such as neck pain and headaches. Sam’s car was rear-ended and he went to ER with neck and back pain. X-rays showed no fractures. But Sam’s neck became stiffer and he had an ongoing headache. The doctor prescribed pain medication and referred him to a chiropractor.

The increasing stiffness in Sam’s neck was a soft-tissue injury resulting from whiplash during the accident. The chiropractor helped Sam relieve the pain with gentle adjustments to mobilize and realign the cervical and thoracic spine, and Sam applied hot and cold pads at home.

In the first week after three treatments Sam’s pain dropped by 80 percent and his headache disappeared. After a month, Sam experienced marked improvement in his range of spinal motion, and found that he could maintain daily activities without irritating the injury. Within ten weeks Sam had recovered from the accident with the ongoing assistance of his chiropractor.

Whiplash accidents often bring patients to the chiropractor for the first time. But once they are there they find a whole range of wellness and injury prevention assistance that makes the chiropractor a valuable resource. Chiropractors often treat back pain, headaches, arthritis, and neck and knee injuries with ongoing therapy and exercise programs.

What to Expect in the First Visit

The first visit to the chiropractor includes a spinal adjustment to evaluate the health of the spine. Then a complete medical history and review of regular activities follows. The presence of pain, when and how it started, is also covered. The overall goal of the chiropractor is to seek to relieve pain and restore normal activities without the use of medications or surgery.

In the process, the chiropractor will have valuable suggestions for new relaxation and stretching routines, easy weight loss tips, and smart exercise advice to avoid injury. Frequently, patients remark on how much difference the visits have made in helping them stay active at home and at work.

If this sounds like the maintenance plan for you make an appointment today.

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