Why Seeing This Particular Type of Movie Is Making You Fat

Popcorn, salty and sweet snacks, as well as an astronomically large soda are par for the course when we splurge on a night out at the movies. While watching our favorite films, we often like to get as comfortable as possible, and this means eating foods that are delightful to our palates. With this said however, it appears that watching certain types of movies force us to eat more, and are being linked to the obesity epidemic running rampant in the United States.movies

So, what types of movies cause us to stuff our faces even more? Well, the answer is simple: thrillers, suspense and action movies of course. New research has specific evidence that suggests that the more action there is in a movie, the more we tend to feed our faces. These numbers are compared to those gathered from movies that included no action whatsoever, so romantic comedies, dramas, etc.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association: Internal Medicine, and researchers at Cornell University conducted experiments that saw 94 participants eat cookies, candy bars, grapes and raw veggies, all whilst watching just 20 minutes of a television program. Results showed that roughly a third of those that viewed a program or film that was violent in nature, and was classified as a thriller or action show or film in any way, ate 98 percent more than those that viewed more calming and non-action themed shows.

This spike in consumption sees a rise in caloric intake of over 150 or more in just one sitting, for those that ate more. The logic behind this is that those watching something suspenseful eat in times of fear, and eat in times of anticipation, mainly to keep them as calm as they possibly can be, before an explosion or something of great significance occurs.

Because thrillers and action movies are typically more suspenseful, they stimulate the brain a little more than any other type of film. Therefore, being drawn in means that you pay less and less attention to just how much you are eating, and before you know it, that jumbo sized popcorn is nothing but tiny kernels in your lap.

An easy way to combat this overeating, is to opt in for smaller sizes, and never go back for refills. You can also try eating snacks that are healthy and eradicating the popcorn and sodas from your movie going regimen entirely.

It does appear that thriller movies are not the only ones to have that effect on us and our brains. Previous studies have shown that any form of intense television viewing increases appetite, and cooking shows are especially to blame for packing on the pounds. So, you may want to stick to the nature channel for a while.

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