Why The Avid Gardener’s Best Friend May Be the Chiropractor


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True gardeners are dedicated to their gardens, and it is hard to keep them out of them. But sometimes all of that stretching, bending and reaching can show up as pain signals in the back, upper legs, shoulders or wrists. 

If you or someone in your family loves gardening, start stretching your muscles more to keep your gardening pain free.

My mother and father were both avid gardeners, and they enjoyed gardening all of their lives. Not only was it good exercise, and a true pleasure, but they harvested countless batches of the best fruits and vegetables for a wonderful diet.

ACS Garden Warm Ups

The American Chiropractic Association says warmup and cool downs count as much in gardening as they do at the gym. Before gardening try these easy stretches.

Start with relaxed breathing. Then sit down and put your heel on a step or stool, keeping knees straight. Lean forward until you feel a stretch in the back of the thigh or the hamstring muscle. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat with other leg. Never continue a stretch if there is pain.

Stand up, get your balance and grab the front of your ankle from behind. Pull your heel toward your bottom and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat with other leg.

While standing, weave fingers together over your head and lean to one side for 10 seconds, then to the other.  If painful twinges do show up, apply a cold pack on painful areas for the first 48 hours, and then apply a heat pack after 48 hours. If pain persists see your chiropractor.

Visiting the Chiropractor

Even though you may have done the stretches, and taken precautions gardening can trigger stiffness and soreness calling for a visit to the chiropractor’s. The chiropractor will start with a spinal adjustment to evaluate spinal health and pain. A complete medical history will also be reviewed, and then a diagnosis will be made. The chiropractor’s goal in solving pain and restoring activity will be to never use pain medications or surgery.

As the gardening season continues, the chiropractor will also suggest kneeling, never bending, and switching stance and movements often to work all of the muscles evenly. Gardening can be one of those wonderful lifetime activities that seniors treasure. With a little preparation and a regular amount of stretching, the garden can be their ongoing pleasure.

If this sounds good to you, make an appointment with your chiropractor now and find out more.

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