400,000 American Women Die from This Disease Yearly

ladyWhat If I told you that there was a disease out there, killing off over 400,000 American women each and every year. A disease that is well known, with symptoms and signs being made aware to the general public, and still the numbers are this staggeringly high. Well, that is indeed the case, and heart disease is affecting more and more women, all of which can be helped in terms of preventing the issue.

Much of the reason for such high numbers, especially here in the U.S where we have a number of great outlets for people to be made knowledgeable of the disease, is due to many people taking on the notion that it won’t happen to them. Sadly, this belief causes one woman in the United States every minute, to die from the condition.

With more and more push for understanding, prevention and overall awareness of the issue, there are campaigns popping up across the nation to help urge women to take the health of their heart more seriously than they have been, and to know the signs and measures to take in regards to the disease itself.

Seeking out medical professional help is always the best way to address the situation, and so to are asking yourself these simple questions to assess the health of your heart immediately:

Do You Have A Healthy Exercise Regimen?

The heart cannot be healthy if you’re lifestyle doesn’t consist of regular physical activity and healthy eating habits. Even something as simple as a nice brisk walk, parking a little further at the grocery store, and taking the stairs, can help to bolster the health of your heart, even reducing the chance of premature death due to heart complications by almost 35 percent.

Do You Smoke?

Those that smoke, especially excessively on a daily basis, are up to two times more likely to suffer from a heart attack, or a heart related issue of some kind when compared to those who do not smoke at all, and even those that smoke a minimal amount.

Is Your Blood Pressure At An Optimal Level?

If you’re not sure, then you should seek out advice from a physician. The normal level for blood pressure falls in the 120/80 range or below. Eating foods low in sodium and fat can help to regulate and stable your levels naturally.

Does Heart Disease Run in The Family?

If the answer is yes, then you should become as aware of the warning signs of heart disease as you can. Even with a pattern of the illness in your family, eating right, exercising and getting regular checkups from a physician can help to keep you healthy.


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