5 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Chiropractor

1. Athletes don’t only use chiropractic care for injuryrehabilitation, they also use it to stay well and perform their best.

Athletes all around the world turn to their chiropractors for regular check-ups and adjustments. Because chiropractors are movement specialists, athletes such as Tom Brady, Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps trust their chiropractors with their body’s. Chiropractors are even staffed on major sport’s teams since they prevent injury, speed up recovery time, and improve balance and coordination skills.

2. Bodily function begins at and is controlled by the nervous system. 

While it may seem your body is performing various separate mechanisms, most of them originate in the same place: the nervous system. The nerves that travel through your body and drive your functioning originate at your spinal cord. That being said, if there are any issues with the mobility or vertebrae, the entire function of your nervous system may be altered. Chiropractors aim to correct any issues with the spinal column that may effect nervous system function. This is why it is not uncommon for a chiropractor to treat a patient with mid-back pain and IBS. When the spine is corrected, the mid-back pain and IBS should be too.

3. Chiropractors aren’t miracle workers.

While your chiropractor would love to cure all, their magical powers can only do so much. Chiropractors are able to restore proper motion to joints, relieve tension on the nerves and muscles, and fix misalignment. However, their processes take time and patients. Just as sitting with poor posture one time didn’t give you endless back pain, back pain can not be fully relieved in one chiropractic visit. Successful chiropractic patients visit the chiropractor regularly, follow chiropractor’s at home care instruction and work with their chiropractor to fix the problem.

4. While chiropractor’s specialize in backbone function, their knowledge is extensive.

Chiropractors study for years to become doctors of chiropractic. Their rigorous education is similar to that of an MD and they are also able to complete specialties in other areas (sports rehabilitation, neurology, nutrition, addiction).

5. Chiropractic is for everyone.

As I stated above, chiropractors study for years to become doctors of chiropractics therefore, it is safe for people of all ages with all backgrounds to visit the chiropractor. In fact, many senior citizens visit the chiropractor for help balance and coordination help to prevent dangerous falls. Chiropractors even exam infant’s spinal columns and vertebrae’s immediately after birth to ensure their was no damage during labor or in the womb. Additionally, parents take children to the chiropractor regularly to encourage healthy nervous system development and brain function. 

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