Chiropractic Care at the IHC Forum and Expo


This year, the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism (IHC) will be holding its sixth annual IHC Forum and Expo. The 2015 IHC Forum and Expo will be held from June 23 through June 25th in Atlanta, Georgia. This conference is an excellent way for professionals in the healthcare industry to gain insight into the leading trends in the current trends in the field and what is changing throughout healthcare across the board. Specifically, the main focuses of the IHC Forum and Expo are ways to save costs, empower patients and medical professionals, get an introduction to the most effective quality solutions, and much more.

This year at the 2015 IHC Forum and Expo, chiropractic care is getting to share the spotlight with some of the most popular and highly intensive medical fields in all the nation. Not only will chiropractic care be given the spotlight at the conference, but chiropractic professionals will be given some of the most insightful and in-depth information from a leading professional in the field to help them understand how they can alter their practice to ensure the best possible outcomes and learn how chiropractic care fits into the general landscape of healthcare.

Dr. William Updyke has received a sponsorship from the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress to give a talk on the value of chiropractic care in onsite corporate wellness clinics. A growing number of workplaces are beginning to incorporate wellness programs into their overall structure and a large part of that incorporation is providing services to their employees onsite. By including chiropractic care, Dr. Updyke asserts, employers can completely revolutionize the level of productivity seen in their patients. By promoting good musculoskeletal health in their employees, employers can make sure that the workplace is free of injury and that employees are able to get to work for long periods of time without missing work.

The IHC Forum and Expo is a great place to interface with some of he leading professionals in all medical fields as there are numerous opportunities for networking and even to just sit down in a roundtable format and pick the brains of others who have higher levels of experience. Coupled with the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress’s support with sending a chiropractic professional with the CV that Dr. Updyke has to this conference, chiropractic care will be getting a significant leg up in the coming weeks.

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