Chiropractic Care for Cerebral Palsy: Chiropractor in San Antonio Offers $19 Adjustment For First Visit

Cerebral palsy or CP as it is commonly referred to, is the result of brain damage usually affecting motor areas of the brain, specifically the basal ganglia or the cerebellum. The damage is generally brought about prior to birth during the birthing process as a result of some form of birth trauma, or may occur during early infancy as a result of head trauma, infection, or vascular problems.joint van

CP presents the sufferer with a significant amount of impairment of overall function. The illness can range from extremely mild, where function is only impaired in certain areas, to extremely severe and debilitating where both mental and physical limitations are present in all movement and action. Severity all depends on what part and how much of the brain has been affected. The most common form of CP is known as Spastic Cerebral Palsy, and it accounts for 50 to 80 percent of all CP patients. Spastic CP means that in some areas of the body muscle tone is so high that the tight muscle’s antagonists have completely let go. This is called the “clasp knife” effect.

Some of the most common features of CP include poor coordination and voluntary muscle control; unusually weak muscles; random movements; seizure disorders; early hearing and/or vision problems; and progressive muscle contractures. About half of all CP patients have some level of mental disability, and many are unable to communicate verbally. Unfortunately for those who have any form of CP, it is incurable. This being said, it is treatable in order for the sufferer to live a life with more mobility and range of motion.

In patients with cerebral palsy, different body parts are affected in a number of ways, including one or both legs and arms, and chiropractic techniques can be useful in helping those limbs regain strength and the ability to be more mobile. Now, because cerebral palsy is caused by a large brain injury, chiropractic spinal techniques can be used in treating other, less noticeable, aspects of the motor disorder. Chiropractic care treats the spine because it is directly connected to the brain and the remainder of the body, the brain and central nervous system control all aspects of the body’s functioning. The theory of chiropractic care is that by healing the central area around the spine, the extremities and other parts of the body can become normalized.

Here at The Joint in San Antonio, De Zavala, we offer our first time visitors an introductory price of just $19 for the first session. this includes a full exam and adjustment, as well as one on one time with our highly qualified doctor of chiropractor to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the process itself. When used as part of a treatment for cerebral palsy, chiropractic may be helpful in helping some of the more problematic symptoms including muscle spasms, seizures, and leg and arm problems.


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