Chiropractic Care For Children in San Antonio: Colic Relief

Often affecting up to one third of all new born babies, colic makes babies irritable and prone to long bouts of crying and general unhappiness. Affecting babies from birth to around three or four months, colic is no fun for baby or parents alike. Sadly, the cause of colic is unknown and can ultimately lead to bigger issues with the babies that suffer from it, such as a failure to breastfeed, which can lead to

There are a number of speculated causes for colic, and all of them may or may not be correct; that being said, each baby that suffers from colic may have a different cause from the next. Constipation, gas, fatigue and even structural issues within the diaphragm have been common theories to the reasons behind colic in babies.

One of the most common methods to help alleviate colic has always been the wait it out method. Simply letting the baby cry until he or she falls asleep. Sometimes this can take hours, and can take its toll on both baby and parents at the same time. Chiropractors theorize that colic may be due to nerve dysfunction, which means that the brain and the digestive organs inside the baby’s body are not communicating in a normal manner, causing the baby to cry for long periods of time.

Chiropractic adjustments for the correction of vertebral subluxations or nerve dysfunction have long been acknowledged as an excellent therapeutic tool for infantile colic. In fact Chiropractic care has been shown to have a 94% success rate with Colic. The body does not work efficiently without a nervous system working at 100% and the nervous system does not work 100% when there is a spinal misalignment or spinal subluxation. The miscommunication that occurs between the brain and the digestive tract, can be traced back to the proper alignment of the vertabrae. Often times, children can experience spinal subluxations during the birth process, by being constrained in-utero, or sometimes during the early days outside of the womb.

The Joint in San Antonio boasts a clinic with highly qualified and experienced doctors of chiropractic as well as its other staff members. Helping those with issues of the spine, joints, limbs and the like is what we aim to do on a daily basis. If you gave questions about your health or the health of your child, come in and talk to one of our team members. With no appointments necessary, getting any issue looked at, addressed and taken care of couldn’t be easier of more convenient for you. As chiropractic helps to restore normal function to a child’s nervous system, the infant’s digestive tract and other related organs have a better opportunity to receive proper nerve supply from the brain, bringing it back to full normal potential.


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