Chiropractics is Becoming Commonplace in Physicals for High School Athletes



If anyone is planning on taking on an increased load of athletic activity, it is important to make sure that the human body and the musculoskeletal system are prepared to carry out this new level of activity. There are certain things that we can look for in the human body to tell us an individual’s overall health status, their likelihood to get injured, and their overall ability to handle the stress that is being placed on the body in this new phase of physical activity. This is especially important in younger individuals who may be starting a regiment of athletic activity by participating in school athletics.

For high school students, it is required that a full physical of the body is obtained in the beginning of the season before any student can partcipate on the team. A physical is essentially an overall lab workup of the body. Medical professionals assess the blood work, the lung capacity, the height, the weight, and many other biomarkers in the individuals. These measurements can tell medical professionals whether or not the individual is going to be able to handle physical activity and the strenuousness of the athletic program at their school.

It may seem slightly uncharacteristic of chiropractors, but these medical professionals within the alternative medicine space are definitively qualified to give a physical. There is no medication involved, no invasive procedures, and no actual process that does not fall within the confines of chiropractic care and that is carried out during a physical. Chiropractors can approach the physical from a musculoskeletal standpoint, helping patients understand whether or not they are ready to endure the athletic program at their school and assisting in their preparedness by complying with school regulations.

Physicals are not just important for high school sports, but they can give us insight into the overall health status in our bodies at any given point in time. It is recommended that we get a physical at least once a year, and we can surely turn to a chiropractor to complete the task as they focus on the whole body – specifically the nervous system. Using a multidisciplinary approach to health and wellness – especially in the atheletic space – is helping more and more people get well and stay well.

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