Chronic Fatigue May Be Due to a Biological Disorder



Systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID), better known as chronic fatigue system, plagues around one million Americans. The disorder causes people to be completely exhausted most of the time, and can be quite debilitating. SEID has been somewhat misunderstood in the medical community as well as society as a whole. This is simply because the condition has been discovered more recently and there is still a lot that is unknown about the cause and the cure.

A new study released recently suggests there is “robust evidence” that chronic fatigue is actually a biological disorder, as opposed to a psychological one. There is still some debate on this, but the study was somewhat compelling. The research team from Columbia University found distinct immune changes in those with chronic fatigue, something they state are disease stages. With this information, the team believes there could be better diagnosis and treatment for the condition in the near future.

Many scientists believe that chronic fatigue is a psychological disorder, and tend to prescribe cognitive behavior therapy to patients. However, many who believe that they developed the disorder after contracting a virus have disputed this belief. The new study corroborates this theory as the research team did fine similar immune patterns in the patients they analyzed. Many of these patients had immune molecules called cytokines, which is strongly linked to fatigue after infections.

There will need to be more research done before the medical community will accept these results, as many still stick to the notion that chronic fatigue is a mental health disorder. Regardless, those suffering from SEID can rest assured that answers are on the way. Since the disorder was given a new name, it is becoming a disease with renewed focus on both diagnosis and treatment. For the 17 million people around the world suffering this difficult disorder, this is highly awaited good news.

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