Common Practices More Unhealthy Than Even Smoking Cigarettes

stoveSo, you lead a healthy life, you hit the gym frequently, you watch what you eat, you’re in good health, right? Well, not necessarily. In fact, many studies have verified the notion that even some of the more common practices performed by us all in our daily lives, could be more hazardous to our health than even smoking!

Smoking cigarettes has long since been the epitome of poor health choices, since the full understanding on just how dangerous they are to your health was revealed a decade ago, it has been warned against over and over ever since. But, according to new research, even if you’ve never smoked a day in your life, you could still be endangering your health even more so than a pack a day would ever do.

The following habits and practices expose the body to the same type of contaminants found in cigarettes, and some of them even have the same rate of cancer as smoking. Along with the staggering numbers, are also ways in which you can prevent these practices form endangering your life as much as they have the potential to.

Meats & Cheeses

If your diet is high in animal proteins, and if you’re over the age of 35, you’re at close to four times the risk for cancer. Because many animal proteins are rich in growth hormones that are known for their direct connection to the rapid growth of cancer calls, consuming these on a frequent basis ups the risk that you’ll become ill. this mortality risk is the exact same that is presented with a regular smoker.

Simply by lowering the amount of animal protein n your diet, and adding in more vegetarian protein sources, you are better able to lower the amount of risk that you place yourself under due to your diet. Helping to stunt the production of the hormone responsible for these risks, can help the body to be healthier and stronger in the process.

Natural Gas

The creation of the microwave has seen the use of the stove top for cooking decrease greatly in the United States, however, for the small majority that do use a gas stove, the increased amount of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide being inhaled each time you ignite the pilot light is hurting your health dramatically.

These two chemicals alone are found in cigarettes, along with other things like tar and formaldehyde. According to the Environmental Health Perspective, most homes with natural gas stoves actually far exceeded public health guidelines and standard allowed for gas in the home.

Using the vent hood whenever the stove is in use, as well as sticking to the back burners when you cook can help as much of the gasses escaping into the air to be funneled into the hood and not into your lungs.

Improper Oil

So, even if you’re not at danger for gas when it comes to your stove, what you use on the stove itself could be hurting your health too. High-heat cooking with shortening or vegetable oil is at a high rate, especially in restaurants in the U.S. However, the use of these oils is harmful to the health of anyone using them, as when they’re heated they release particulate matter and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, compounds commonly found in cigarette s and responsible for inflammation of the airways. When in doubt, reach for coconut or avocado oil, natural, non chemical filled oils that actually up the health of the meals you’re preparing. 


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