Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain?

 painHave you ever had a backache that pained you for over a month? A year? Longer? If so, you may be suffering from chronic pain.

Chronic pain is categorized as pain lasting for more than a couple of weeks, months and even years in the same area of your body. For example, if you have a backache in the same spot every day for months at a time, you may suffer from chronic pain.

Normal pain is a mandatory and healthy function our body provides for us. Pain alerts us when we’re injured, tells us to stop the activity that’s hurting us and asks us to take care of the injured body part. Chronic pain, on the other hand, can be harmful to our health and often causes serious, life altering side-effects if not properly dealt with. 

Common signs and symptoms of chronic pain are pain withstanding 6 or more months after an injury; increased pain from stimuli that are not normally painful; hypersensitivity to pain; pain from stimuli that is not normally painful and/or pain that occurs in areas other than the stimulated area. That being said, not all pain is the result of an injury.

Because there is very little evidence to explain chronic pain, many doctors will tell you that chronic pain is “all in your head” or “imaginary,” which is unfortunate for those who suffer. However, chiropractors believe differently and according to the American Chiropractor’s Association, new scientific evidence shows that spinal cord nerves in patients with chronic pain undergo structural changes.

The side effects of chronic pain can be detrimental. They can affect all areas of people’s lives and create changes in their physical, mental and social well-being. People who suffer from chronic pain may be unable to perform household or workplace chores, take care of their children or even engage in physical activity. Additionally, some people who suffer from chronic pain have even had trouble concentrating and sleeping. Chronic pain of one individual can have effects on the whole family because of lifestyle changes due to chronic pain. One study even showed that 30-80% of people who suffer from chronic pain may also suffer from depression.

Luckily, visiting a chiropractor can offer you an alternative to accepting the low quality of life that your chronic pain has caused you to accept. After addressing the problem and root of your chronic pain, chiropractors help guide patients suffering from chronic pain to a healthier lifestyle. They use techniques such as relaxation training, guided activity, hypnosis, and biofeedback. 

Your chiropractor believes that no one should have to live their life in pain, including you. If you think you may suffer from chronic pain, visit your chiropractor today to learn about the many ways they can help alleviate your pain. 

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